! Education is not preparation for life, because education is life itself!

School is the place which provides us with a good learning space with a healthy learning environment. Every one of us has so many dreams in our life to become a doctor, engineer, pilot, scientist & so on. To achieve those targets with the fulfilment of our dreams we must go through with a long journey of studies. In short, to study & to groom our self one need to go to school. 

Schools make future-ready Students:
Schools in Noida provide good diverse education to the students with the sense of responsibility, promoting self-discipline, self-learning and also learning globally with integrated & robotic technology to make the Future-ready students.

Purpose of School:
School is the root from where we can focus towards our children education, their behaviour, internal skills, what they want to be in future and similarly many more things which help to build our children development. Giving good Education to the students in a good environment is only the main purpose of Schools in Noida. Their education makes them think in right direction intensively & critically. 

School Categories:
School is one of the most important parts of our life because of getting multiple opportunities to grow our self in various streams either in education or sports or other creative things. School categorized on a different level such as there are Higher education schools, primary schools, pre-primary, nursery schools, playschools etc. If we talk about the popular schools in Noida then the most eye-catchy name is Kothari International School. 

Best School in Noida:
Kothari International School is the name of the school whose mission is to provide the best out of the best care to young champs & meet their parents expectations. Kothari's mission is to develop children overall personality, their social & creative skills, to teach them morals & values. And also while playing or engaging in other activities focus given on their learning & education as well caring & safe Environment shall be given here. To perform well in future Kothari's school giving a good platform to the students where they can enhance & sharpen their inner & outer skills. If you are looking for the best option for your kids then must say Kothari International School make them shine in academics & other activities too. 

Activities for your kids in school premises:
By giving the energetic & right environment, our school activities help the children to learn, love, respect, trust, to be confident, self-decision maker, with positive self-esteem. Under these various activity centres created in our school such as: 
1. Spiritual Dhawani: In this activity centre children is going to learn meditation which helps to improve their concentration & enhance their skill. Also teaching them Sanskrit shloaks so that they become familiar with old rituals & epic stories.

2. Davinci Studio: This studio is also known as our computer library which aim is to create basic knowledge & awareness about computers & how to use it.

3. Discovery Center: This centre focus on the overall development of your child which include their mental states, physical, emotional & creative development. 

4. Other Studio: Similarly, as above this school has many other studios like Audiovisual learning centre, Mini Opera, Ball Tub, etc.

At Kothari International School, it is our endeavour to empower our students with knowledge and skills through engaged learning; ensure the pursuit of tertiary education of their choice and make them custodians of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Our students shall seek seamless transition into adult life; become useful members of the communities in which they live and promote tolerance, world peace and tranquillity.
Our School Emblem With the Slogan United We Standreflects the very ethos and essence of our institution. Our Emblem is our strength, it is a force that inspires and enriches human interactions. It binds us into a harmonious whole and reinforces the conviction that we stand together as one entity. Together we stand against injustice, parochialism and discrimination.

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  2. The Manthan School is among best schools in Noida Extension that provide a quality education where admission has been opened for Grade 11 and demo class session already started.


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