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Golden Memories of Kothari International School

As a journalist, I often get to go many government programs, sometimes I do not want to leave certain programs . This is the reason that I go to see the parade of 26 january at the Red Fort. I remember an incident on January 26 this year, when some school students  performances on patriotic songs were i  was happy to see and were sitting till the end of the program to meet those students . You must have been convinced that  they would surely have something special in which I had to wait so much for meet them. The age of the children would have been around 6 to 10 years. There were 14 to 15 children who gave a salute to the flag with  patriotic songs wearing Kesari-colored clothes, and the songs of dance performances with great innocence Often these songs and song they used  "insaaf ke dagar pr bacho dikhaao chalkr, ye desh hai tumhara neta tumhi ho kal ke" which is i  hear to in my schools in childhood. After completing the program, they got some certificates and trophies, …

What Everyone Must Know About KOTHARI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in Noida

Every day, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. i.e., 1 hour travels. This is common in almost all the offices and some schools, so it is clear that there will be a crowd in the metro. But I do not know why the crowd is lacking in the metro today, due to the shortage of crowd, today I left Lady's coach, General coach I got here only because, I could easily get a seat here today, it is my habit that whenever I start seeing people around me, I did the same thing here and started looking at everyone. Not only if I saw school uniforms, they have 5 children who are about 10 to 12 years.
 Some teachers of the school were also present with them, some of whom played children with their own ICard and sometimes they cure their tie. Apart from me, in the metro, other people were observing children with great care, whose The only reason for this was that they were talking in English and when my attention went on the things of children, it was discovered that they were preparing for a MOCK competition. Genera…

Top 10 School in Noida Listing

A school is a place where education is provided. School is an institution where children's physical, mental, intellectual and moral qualities are developed. In school, children of all caste, religion, and class come to grow. Schools are both governmental and non-governmental. It is a different matter that most parents want to teach children to private schools, rather than government schools, due to the shortage of money, they have to send children to government schools. Even now, the demand for private schools is high and many more Schools are also going to open, due to which choosing the right and good schools is not less than the difficult task for the family but In the round, the family should take care of which school of which he chooses for his child's elementary education and if you are also trapped in this confusion then believe that this article is very helpful for you, and if you live in Noida,then understand that the school's specialty we are going to tell you …